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Skeletoon – They Never Say Die Review

Nerd Power Metal? From Italy? Hell yeah, please. For anyone unsure what nerd power metal sounds like, the nerd part references the band’s lyrics, while the music takes care of the power portion. Some more stuck up stereotyped thinkers would simply pigeon-hole Skeletoon with the usual melodic power metal bands from the ’80s to the ’00s, but that’s […]

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Warrior Path – Warrior Path Review

Literally out of nowhere, Greek semi-supergroup Warrior Path pop up into the metal world with big names sure to draw the attention of classic heavy metal fans; Bob Katsionis of Firewind and Yannis Papadopoulos of Beast In Black united! The catch? Neither of them were involved in the composition of Warrior Path‘s self titled debut. One day, previously unknown […]

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Ancient Bards – Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 Review

Sneakily, but steadily Ancient Bards have grown on me from just another Rhapsody “cover” band – from Italy even – to a serious contender to be the legitimate successors to the genre-establishing warriors who are a bare shadow of their former glory these days, at least the contemporary of Fire incarnation with only one birthing member left. I […]

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Within Temptation – Resist Review

One of the things that Within Temptation are very good in is their ability to adapt – starting from a gothic/doom niche, the Dutch metal institution set up to record symphonic masterpieces followed by an explosive concoction of pop, retro and modern sound, joining forces with names even outside the rock scene. Resist marks the […]

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Marius Danielsen – Legend Of Valley Doom Part 2 Review

I am anticipating this review to exceed the average number of mentions of “power metal”, but Norwegian singer, songwriter, guitarist and overall composing mastermind Marius Danielsen makes it hard to avoid that thanks to his metal opera featuring just about anyone famous in the genre. “Metal opera” is a positively tainted phrase coined by Mr. Tobias […]

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Guardians Of Time – Tearing Up The World Review

Welcome to metalpower.blog, where we only review colorful artworks. It’s a blessing and a curse. In a sense, Tearing Up The World‘s cover art is indicative of the record’s contents. That artwork screams power metal but contains a lot of brutality, which Guardians Of Time‘s music is not lacking. Indeed, Tearing Up The World is one of the fastest, […]

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