Elvenstorm – The Conjuring Review

the conjuring artwork 3000Despite their corny generic-power-metal name, Elvenstorm are far from your ordinary Euro power band, and even frontwoman Laura Lombard F by no means places the French band amidst Nightwish clones. Quite the opposite, you won’t find a musically more down-to-earth troupe than Elvenstorm. No keyboards, only riffs and blasting drums for days. Contrary to their Manowar-like artwork and track titles from 2014’s Blood Leads To Glory, this year’s The Conjuring visually and lyrically sets foot in the horror metal genre. Still this does not imply any change to the band’s musical style, which is as established on their third release as it has been since their first record in 2011, Of Rage And War.

Elvenstorm‘s closest musical relatives are typically teutonic classic power/speed metal bands such as AcceptRunning WildStormwarrior and Grave Digger. Much like their fellow French band Lonewolf they hone the fine art of riff oriented tracks combined with a never sleeping double bass and choruses to either raise your fist or bang your head, or both.

As you may have figured, the band’s concept isn’t particularly innovative. Is that necessary though? Seeing as bands like Accept have been delivering the same quality for many years now, I’d say no. Elvenstorm‘s skills lie in writing some damn trenchant riffs only accomplished by the aforementioned Accept and similarly legendary Grave Digger. Some bands want to explore genres’ boundaries, some are here to give us the core of what we need: classic heavy metal. And Elvenstorm are great at that.

Elvenstorm_by_ Jean_Michel_Artus_1
those shirts are a sign of truth

Part of Elvenstorm‘s convincing power is Laura Lombard F’s massively vibrant voice akin to Crystal Viper‘s Marta Gabriel – maybe even some more power added as Crystal Viper are a rather melodic band, whereas Elvenstorm prefer raw energy over virtuose melodies. This is energy that oozes out of every track by virtue of both the densely layered guitars, drums and bass lines as well as of the superb classic metal production. The Conjuring offers some great mixing work with just the right amount of compression on guitars and drums to deliver a good punch while still being able to breathe dynamically. No surprise as it was mixed by Stormwarrior‘s Lars Ramcke (hey Lars, make another Stormwarrior album).

Like your metal powerful? Look no further, Elvenstorm provide this month’s, if not this year’s supply of energy filled music with an album brim-full of speed power metal, massive choruses, rapid fire riffs and drum bomb raids included. No ballads, no slow tracks.

Chris, 06/27/2018

Format reviewed: mp3 kBit/s| DR Value: 7
Label: Massacre Records
Links: Facebook
Release date: 07/13/2018