Guardians Of Time – Tearing Up The World Review

Welcome to, where we only review colorful artworks. It’s a blessing and a curse. In a sense, Tearing Up The World‘s cover art is indicative of the record’s contents. That artwork screams power metal but contains a lot of brutality, which Guardians Of Time‘s music is not lacking. Indeed, Tearing Up The World is one of the fastest, most savage power metal records I’ve listened to in quite a while.

Those Norwegian guys have been at it for quite a while, since around 2000, and are definitely lacking the usually so typical Norwegian filigree character manifested in many classy progressive bands from the area. Instead, the Guardians Of Time are delivering high-speed power metal only, and only that. You won’t find any cheesy keyboard walls on Tearing Up The World, only riffs en masse. However, I don’t mean to imply there’s no melodies as we know them from melodic power metal, they’re simply reduced to be performed by some great guitar leads and singer Bernt Fjellestad’s mighty vocals reminiscent of ex-Sinbreed‘s Herbie Langhans. In all of this speed madness, the Guardians always take their time to slide in huge choruses. The opening title track for example presents a huge load of aggression in its drums and fast-paced guitar riffs, not to mention an epic guest part by Abbath himself; just to seamlessly transition in a catchy, typically European power metal chorus.

This pattern continues through all of Tearing Up The World‘s tracks, the band members could very well pride themselves in delivering one of the most consistent power metal albums in many years; there’s no fillers, no ballads, and not even slow tracks. I love this dedication and I love that each song can kick your ass on its own. The slight problem with each song being 150+ BPM, filled to the brim with double bass and rapid fire riffs becomes apparent after listening to the album once or a few times – it’s all a bit too samey. To be fair, this is criticism on a high level, as Guardians Of Time do what they do best, and why would you force them to add a 10-minute track or a ballad just to loosen up the album if the song itself wouldn’t be worth it. I’m certain there’s some kind of tightrope between everything sounding the same and forced boredom, so I’m glad that the Norwegians manage to walk it with straightforward high quality speed power metal songs. Thanks to that ruthless ass-kicking, Tearing Up The World (just the right title by the way) might just be one of the best power metal albums this year. Goodbye to cheesy ballads, goodbye to overcomplicated songwriting without reason, welcome the destroyers of the world. 

Chris, 11/18/2018

Format reviewed: Stream
Label: Rock Of Angels Records
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Release date: 10/19/2018