Iron Fire – Beyond The Void Review

Iron_Fire_CoverIt’s no secret I am a huge Iron Fire nerd and their most recent “album” Dawn Of Creation, actually an extensive best of type record with lots of new tracks thrown in, promised a bright future for the Danish dudes. Naturally I was eager to listen to their newest output Beyond The Void, especially to find out where 2019 will take the band. 2016’s Among The Dead saw Iron Fire take a drastic step away from their early days’ true power metal with classic albums such as Blade Of Triumph or Revenge and a step towards a more modern, thrashy sound that they already hinted at with what is maybe their best record, 2012’s Voyage Of The Damned, an epic mixture of influences modern and classic alike breaking the genre’s boundaries.

Beyond The Void opens with the title track, a song to show you the direction the album will take. Pounding double bass drums, aggressive riffing and singer Martin Steene’s wide range from crystal clear singing to almost growl-like grunting unite to form a pretty heavy power metal cake, definitely edging on Thrash city limits but less so than the radical Among The Dead. The title track’s chorus showcases Iron Fire‘s ability to write traditional, catchy power metal choruses without corny allures.


The same is true for most other songs on this newest album, pieces like “Final Warning”, “Bones And Gasoline” and “Old Habits Die Hard” like to mix a good face punch from relentless drumming and serrating guitars with catchy as usual Iron Fire choruses. A few tracks lean heavier towards the one or the other side, notably “Wrong Turn” and “To Hell And Back” being real thrashers to kick your ass, and a few songs like “Cold Chains Of The North” emitting a real classic Helloween kind of vibe.

With this mix of influences, Iron Fire have learned to walk a fine line between genres, something that didn’t work out as well on their previous record, but this time they pull it off. Both fans of the band’s early days as well as fans of heavier, almost US-style power metal will adore Beyond The Void. Due to personal preferences I’d love more melodic power metal influences, but Iron Fire‘s new style is a mature one with great arrangements which makes Beyond The Void an album suitable for spinning again and again.


Chris, 03/05/2019

Format reviewed: mp3 320 kBit/s
Label: Crime Records
Links: Facebook
Release date: 03/08/2019