The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough Review

The Nightflight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough (Digi Cover)Retro style is a curious thing that pops up in all parts of (pop) culture; clothes, games, music. In some aspects in different forms than in others – in clothing it is usually not more than a nod to the past by combining an old item or pattern with modern items. You likely won’t find anyone who lived through life and arrived at a point where they’d say 1976’s clothing style was the height of fashion and they’ll always wear that now (except your one weird uncle). In music however, the retro trend lives no-holds-barred. Sure, you’ll find bands combining old and new style, but it is no rare thing to have musicians celebrating a certain musical time without exception musically. The only thing modern would be the recording and mixing techniques. Which is coincidentally where NFO reside as well. It’s not exactly 1976 where the band located the best part of music history but rather a wild mix of ’70s and ’80s tunes, as if Toto and Survivor recorded a split EP. Okay, maybe that’s more of a black metal phenomenon. Continue reading “The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough Review”