Ancient Bards – Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 Review

Sneakily, but steadily Ancient Bards have grown on me from just another Rhapsody "cover" band – from Italy even – to a serious contender to be the legitimate successors to the genre-establishing warriors who are a bare shadow of their former glory these days, at least the contemporary of Fire incarnation with only one birthing member left. I … Continue reading Ancient Bards – Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 Review

Marius Danielsen – Legend Of Valley Doom Part 2 Review

I am anticipating this review to exceed the average number of mentions of "power metal", but Norwegian singer, songwriter, guitarist and overall composing mastermind Marius Danielsen makes it hard to avoid that thanks to his metal opera featuring just about anyone famous in the genre. "Metal opera" is a positively tainted phrase coined by Mr. Tobias … Continue reading Marius Danielsen – Legend Of Valley Doom Part 2 Review

Sinbreed – IV Review

With 2010's When Worlds Collide, Sinbreed made a huge impact on European power metal as one of the progenitors of modern power metal sound we know these days characterized by a focus on prioritizing aggressive drum and guitar sound, along with often lower register power singers as displayed by bands who got famous even beyond the circle … Continue reading Sinbreed – IV Review

Dragony – Masters Of The Multiverse Review

There are few genuine classic melodic power metal bands left in the business, with most ancient champions either retiring or "evolving" into something no one asked for. Austria's Dragony have been supplying the old power metal crowd with finest European forged steel since their inception around 2011, when their first album Legends released independently, a time where … Continue reading Dragony – Masters Of The Multiverse Review

Derdian – DNA Review

Italy's Derdian are one of the few remaining bands of the '00s European melodic power metal hype which spawned hundreds of bands aiming for an extremely melodic, symphonic and heroic sound in the vein of what Rhapsody started in the late 1990s. While some bands gave the formula a shot of their own ideas and influences, Derdian have … Continue reading Derdian – DNA Review