Monument – Hellhound Review

731411Let’s not beat around the bush; Monument are an Iron Maiden cover band. They’re not playing songs the Maiden released yet, but they probably traveled to the future to steal their fellow Brits’ upcoming hymns. While Monument aren’t sporting an iconic three-guitars line-up, the harmonic twin guitar leads, the prevalent bass licks and singer Peter Ellis’ vocals all pay homage to the greatest metal band in history (there, I said it). There aren’t as many Maiden mimics out there as one would expect considering the band’s huge influence – maybe musicians don’t dare to challenge the Maiden at their own game. After all, Iron Maiden‘s musical style is quite singular as opposed to the more or less rather typical heavy metal compositions of Judas Priest or Metallica, of which there are a million clones, simply because as soon as you play some kick ass riffs, you’ll be subjected to the comparison. Continue reading “Monument – Hellhound Review”