Equilibrium – Renegades Review

Equilibrium - Renegades_4000pxBy releasing Sagas, Equilibrium set the bar all too high. Since then, the record stirred some waters in Nuclear Blast’s lenghtly catalogue and to this day hangs like the sword of Damocles over its creators – an unavoidable fact that made founder (and currently last original member) René Berthiaume take a sharp turn in his sixth opus. Continue reading “Equilibrium – Renegades Review”

Sonata Arctica – Talviyö Review

Sonata Arctica - Talviyö - ArtworkIn evaluating a record, there are various questions to be considered; how important is singularity to an album’s quality, how important is fulfilling expectations, or, on the opposite, going against expectations? Is self-development necessary, irrelevant, disappointing or welcome? Sonata Arctica have been exhausting the possible answers to these questions at least since their 2007 record Unia by coming out with complex, demanding and undoubtedly diverse albums, each of which split their fanbase in two distinct factions: those who love for the Fins to experiment, and those who miss the old days of straight-forward Stratovarius style melodic power metal. This year’s record Talviyö is not going to unite the two camps in celebration as it may be the most experimental – as in far from the power metal roots – album Sonata Arctica have released in their career. Continue reading “Sonata Arctica – Talviyö Review”

Majestica – Above The Sky Review

Majestica - Above the Sky - ArtworkTommy Johansson is a busy guy and all-around multi-talent; throughout the better part of this century the Swede has been hunting high and low in power metal combos of all fashions and on all fronts, as a vocalist, guitarist and keyboard magician. Up until 2016 only known to a smaller audience thanks to among specialists beloved, yet on a larger scale not extremely impactful bands ReinXeed and Golden Resurrection, he joined audience of all styles appealing Sabaton as guitar wizard in said year. At this point, his melodic metal child ReinXeed had been abandoned for about three years after a rather mediocre A New World. It seemed as though the band that previously released close to one album a year ran out of steam. All the more fitting that workaholic Johansson decided to refurbish his love for fast melodic metal and restarted ReinXeed‘s journey with a new name: Majestica was born. Continue reading “Majestica – Above The Sky Review”

The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough Review

The Nightflight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough (Digi Cover)Retro style is a curious thing that pops up in all parts of (pop) culture; clothes, games, music. In some aspects in different forms than in others – in clothing it is usually not more than a nod to the past by combining an old item or pattern with modern items. You likely won’t find anyone who lived through life and arrived at a point where they’d say 1976’s clothing style was the height of fashion and they’ll always wear that now (except your one weird uncle). In music however, the retro trend lives no-holds-barred. Sure, you’ll find bands combining old and new style, but it is no rare thing to have musicians celebrating a certain musical time without exception musically. The only thing modern would be the recording and mixing techniques. Which is coincidentally where NFO reside as well. It’s not exactly 1976 where the band located the best part of music history but rather a wild mix of ’70s and ’80s tunes, as if Toto and Survivor recorded a split EP. Okay, maybe that’s more of a black metal phenomenon. Continue reading “The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough Review”

Follow The Cipher – Follow The Cipher Review

Follow The Cipher - Follow The Cipher_4000pxCan y’all believe metalcore still ain’t dead? Because that’s what Follow The Cipher are celebrating with their newest release which happens to be their debut album. I remember back in 2004-2008, when Bullet For My Valentine was the new shit, spawning a trillion of bands with the exact same sound. A lot of, eh, elite metal fans did not enjoy the pandering to the mainstream and prophesied a timely demise for the genre. What do you know, it is still prospering in 2018, albeit without innovation. The formula remains unchanged: catchy choruses, heavy riffs, growls mixed with sweet, sweet clean vocals, and an unusually dense sound. Continue reading “Follow The Cipher – Follow The Cipher Review”

Amorphis – Queen Of Time Review

28056697_10159825455825276_5647386819400635124_nAbout 25 years ago, Tales from the Thousand Lakes skyrocketed the career of one of the most iconic Finnish bands. Since then, Amorphis introduced us to their national epos and left a scourging mark on the heavy scene with their unique blend of metal and folklore. Continue reading “Amorphis – Queen Of Time Review”